Tune Into The Digital
Audio Revolution


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Find out how Channel Bakers helped one of our clients capitalize on the 27 hours a week that Americans are spending listening to audio media to increase brand awareness, lift and detail page views.

Put Audio Ads To Work For You

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Why Audio Ads


Brands gain 1.9x more brand favorability when they’re heard on audio ads.

Kantar Norms, 2020-2021


In 2023, 66.5% of the US population is expected to listen to digital audio, i.e. 225.8M people.

eMarketer 2022

Group 13023

The US shopper spends an average of 3 hours and 7 minutes on Digital Audio
per day.

eMarketer 2021 


Integrate Your Brand With Digital Streaming

Amazon Audio, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, iHeartRadio - Everyone is listening!
To further your reach - target your listeners on the top music streaming, digital radio or podcast app.
Tap them on their smartphones, smart speakers or their big screens (desktop or TV)




Are Audio Ads Part
of Your Media Plan?

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If you are looking for high engagement rates, enhanced targeting options and no ad-blockers on any streaming devices - you need audio ads in your media plan.

•   Great mid-funnel tactic to achieve over-the-top brand awareness
•   Access and action first-party data
•   Shoppers can “click” directly to purchase
•   Retarget listeners
•   Measure brand lift
•   Measure purchase


Channel Bakers Is Your One Stop Shop For All Your Digital Audio Needs

Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music -
We’ve got you covered.

  • We have in-house studio, creative and talent
  • We can place audio in musical programming or in podcasts
  • Your campaigns will run on premium inventory on-and-off
    Amazon properties
  • You get a single reporting view of your advertising campaigns
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Audio in Action

Find out how Channel Bakers used audio ads to lift branded search, increase search ranking and increase glance views for premium sock brand Balega.
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Increase Your Conversions
With An Audio Ad

Achieve over-the-top brand awareness and convert shoppers to buyers with a tune