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Prime day

Origins of Amazon’s Prime Day

In the summer of 2015, Amazon launched its first Prime Day to celebrate 20 years of business and to reward its Amazon Prime Members.
Little did they know, that one-day celebration would become the largest single-day shopping event around the world.




20 Countries

Prime Day is now a global event. 20 countries participate every year, including nations with massive markets and top 10 global GDPs like the United States, Germany and Japan.

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub


$12.52 Billion

Prime Day sales have increased from 1 billion in 2015 to 12.52 billion in 2022.

In 2022 Amazon had two Prime Day events. Each lasting 2 days.

Source: Statista


300 Million Units

Over 300 million units are sold during Prime Day and the average consumer spending fluctuates between
$60 and $50.


Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Why Prime Day Matters

Prime Day is where brands go to clear out old product, launch new products, reach new audiences, and generate a considerable amount of revenue.

In recent years, major retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Costco have launched promotional periods like Walmart's Deals for Days to compete with Amazon's Prime Day.

The consumer is clearly the winner. Sellers and brands must be more strategic than ever or risk price matching across channels that erodes margin.


How to Prep for Prime Day

6 things to keep in mind before the big day arrives

New Customers

New Customers

Prime Day is a chance for brands to win over new customers—27% of shoppers plan to use the two-day shopping event to try new products and brands.

Source: Channel Bakers Prime Member Customer Survey May 2022

Me Day

Pri"ME" Day


Unlike other holidays where the focus is on gift giving, Prime Day should be called “ME Day.” A full 90% of all shoppers planning to buy items for themselves.

Source: Channel Bakers Prime Member Customer Survey May 2022

Plan For all Retailers - Not Just Amazon

Check out Competitors


Prime Day isn’t just about Amazon: Almost 20% of shoppers plan to comparison shop on Prime Day.

You need to have a solid promotional plan across all of your retailers that won't compromise your margins.

Grow Organic Ranking Beforehand

Grow Organic Ranking Beforehand


Site traffic doesn’t just spike overnight. Leading up to the event, brands should prep by accelerating ad budgets and social media campaigns to promote organic ranking ahead of time. 

Optimize Content

Optimize Every Piece of Content


It’s imperative that your branded storytelling is cohesive and optimized across all your product detail pages, below-the-fold content, STV, Video, and Audio Ads.

Managing Your Inventory on Amazon’s
Prime Day

The two keys to success as Prime Day unfolds...Monitor and Pivot. 

How to Ensure your Prime Day Machinery Runs Smoothly:

  • Alert your customers of your Prime Day deals through email and social pushes. 

  • Automate purchase orders and set low stock thresholds so your products are always available.

  • Be ready to add more funding or shift funding depending on how well your products are selling.

  • Utilize your Fulfillment by Amazon inventory to fulfill orders from your own dot com or other online platforms. 

  • Continue to monitor your competition, and don’t lose sight of other retailers and marketplaces.

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Andy Lee
| Director of eCommerce


The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Prime Day

A: Amazon’s two-day sales event, held in the summer, where generous discounts and deals are made available to Amazon Prime members

A: Stay up-to-date with your favorite brands leading up to the event. Following brands on social media, following email campaigns, or checking out their Amazon brand store are the best places to see what products will be discounted. 

A: Prime Day is only available for Amazon Prime members. However, shoppers can work around this by signing up for a free trial the day of or shopping at competing merchants who will also be showcasing discounted products. 

A: Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sales is effectively Prime Day October or Prime Day 2. Like Prime Day July, this two-day sales event is another chance for shoppers to take advantage of pre-holiday deals and for sellers to get rid of excess inventory before the winter season. 

A: Compare deals of third-party sellers to big-name brands, take advantage of free amazon credits, shop on both days of the event, look for bundle deals, track competitor sites, monitor lightning deals, and add items you want to your cart beforehand and see if the price drops the day of.

Yes, much like the discounts and free shipping of the event itself, lightning deals are only available for Prime members. 

Prime members not only enjoy Amazon Prime day, but whenever they purchase a product, they’ll enjoy fast 2-day delivery, free shipping, free returns, and a convenient check-out experience.

No, prices are the same for Prime and non-Prime members. However, Prime members enjoy the added benefits of early delivery, free shipping, free returns, and a very convenient check-out experience.



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