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Our tech partners share our passion for eCommerce and client service of the highest caliber. We think they would be invaluable to your brand’s journey to incremental growth, and we’re proud to recommend them as part of a winning strategy on Amazon!

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Vendor costs add up, and can really hurt your bottom line. With Charge Guard, you’ll have an ally that’s always there to help you fight Amazon chargebacks and shortages to get your money back. Their capable team can help you recover historical Amazon deductions and protect against new fees that might come your way. Let them help you put your business expenses back into your business!

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Specializing in omnichannel and cross-channel support, Skai can help brands optimize their performance and consumer engagement across multiple areas of outreach at once. From powerful social marketing campaign tools and design to intuitive content testing and AI-driven insights, and everywhere in between, Skai can get it done on just about any platform. 

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For over a decade, Profitero have been experts at growing market share and increasing ROI with cutting-edge eComm analytics, insights, and strategies. They have helped over 4000 brands worldwide boost their sales, operate at peak efficiency, and synchronize their business teams with tailored and reliable data and benchmarks.

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Essential seller tools for Amazon brands! eComEngine is capable of maximizing incremental growth on Amazon with custom market research, inventory awareness, and buyer-seller messaging support. Their “FeedbackFive” tool is especially useful for monitoring, requesting, and gaining analytics from Amazon reviews. Hear from your customers and meet their needs like never before thanks to eComEngine!

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Sales tax compliance made simple. TaxJar offers a fully-automated platform to help your business calculate, track and apply sales taxes in over 11,000 jurisdictions so you can focus on order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Growing your business is tricky enough. Let Tax Jar take the guesswork out of your sales tax compliance!

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A modern sales tax filing solution for small to medium businesses. Taxify can help you maneuver the ever-changing regulatory landscape and reduce the risk of audit for your business. Along with award-winning cloud technology, their capable team of regulatory experts lends a human touch to their exceedingly current automated solutions. Crack the regulations code with Taxify!

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Invest in your presence on Amazon and elsewhere with a customized storefront design provided by Frooition! Their high-quality layouts are designed from the ground up to increase browsing appeal, encourage conversion, and help consumers get to the heart of your brand’s message and identity. Be more visible with Frooition!

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Analytic Index

As a Channel Bakers partner, your brand will receive comprehensive competitive sales and share data analysis. Your brand can also drill down to category pricing, keyword insights, and actionable reporting recommendations. In addition, you’ll be able to identify white space, improve search placements, and access bestseller rankings across all major retail marketplaces.

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Keepa is a Google Chrome plugin that maintains a detailed global price history for millions of Amazon products. Now you’ll always have a way of knowing a good deal when you see one, and keeping your prices competitive on Amazon’s dynamic marketplace. There’s even a mobile app available for Android and iOS, so you’re never far away from the information you need.

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