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We strive everyday to promote a shared culture of acceptance and welcoming for every single member of our team.

At Channel Bakers, it is one of our deepest beliefs that the growth and wellbeing of our company is linked to the growth and wellbeing of our people. We’ve built a community that celebrates the diversity of ALL our identities and backgrounds; because it’s that diversity that lights our way as an agency, and makes up the foundation of who and what we are.

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We exist to help people

We are involved with our community and give back with our talent and time

We encourage, uplift, and support each other at all times

Our focus is on delivering the outcomes people depend on us for; whatever it takes

Genuinely care about the people we work with, not just the corporation they work for

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging will always be at the center of our hearts.

We are passionate about the evolution of our culture to always provide a psychologically safe environment where our team members can be their best and authentic selves.

From day one, our community has celebrated our differences and instilled a natural sense of belonging.

We are committed to empowering our people through candid conversations, listening, and education.

We know that as we grow as an organization with more people joining us there will always be more work ahead as we continue on our journey.


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What our team has to say


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To me, diversity at Channel Bakers means being a melting pot of employees from different backgrounds. I love learning more about people’s culture by asking them about trips they may take on their time off or even by learning about the food they eat.

Brandon Huang
Community Lead


Equity at Channel Bakers to me is the presence of a fair culture where access and opportunities are available to every employee regardless of who they are or where they are from.

Priscilla Ndubunma
Associate Advertising Specialist


Inclusion means recognizing and celebrating each other’s differences while also emphasizing that we are all one big team. This can be simple things like acknowledging different people’s cultural celebrations or fostering discussion about different cultures and inviting everyone to participate and share in each other’s cultural celebrations where appropriate.

Jason Klug
Senior Strategic Account Executive


Belonging at Channel Bakers means that I have a family away from home. Living in another country is never easy and knowing that your company will have your back at all times is very reassuring.

Pauline Welker
Senior Account Manager
Corporate Social Responsibility

We are involved with our community and give back with our talent and time.

Working with Together We Rise

Channel Bakers proudly partners with Together We Rise and shares their vision of a transformed experience for the 430,000 children within the foster care system. Through in-person and virtual volunteer events, Channel Bakers serves our communities while spreading awareness of the vital need for dignity, respect, and support for children who need it most.

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