Thursday Night Football + Amazon Prime = The Future of Streaming TV Services

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If you have been looking for Thursday Night Football on cable TV, you are so last year.
Thursday Night Football (TNF) kicked-off on Amazon Prime Sept 15, 2022. Amazon Prime will host Thursday Night Football until 2033, thanks to Amazon’s exclusive 11-year TNF partnership. 


The New Normal of Streaming TV Services

It's not shocking that Amazon wants to get in on premium sports streaming. The UFC and Wimbledon viewership experienced booms thanks to streaming deals on ESPN+. The Beijing Winter Olympics followed the same path, drawing in a record 4.3 billion minutes of streaming views, according to data from Adobe Analytics released by NBC.


Between 2021 and 2025, digital sports viewership is expected to grow by 71% to 107.4M people—one-third of the US population.


Even Twitch, a site normally used for video game streaming, has enjoyed massive success in the sports arena. StreamElements reports that from July 2020 to April 2021, the Twitch sports category grew from 1 million viewers to 10 million.

Streaming services and streaming bundles are quickly becoming the standard. The exciting future of sports is streaming:

“Amazon Prime is going to change the way people watch football.”
- Roger Goodell at Amazon IAB NewFront, May 2022


135MM+ viewers The unduplicated monthly US audience reached by Streaming TV ads and Twitch.


Advertising and Leveraging Amazon Prime

The Thursday Night Football Amazon deal is a major opportunity for brands to engage with highly targeted audiences using streaming TV (STV). Check out these fast facts:

Circle_1@2x-1 Thursday Night Football is among the Top 3 most watched TV shows
in the U.S. in 2022.
Circle_1@2x-1 There are 80 million active Amazon Prime video households in the U.S.
(Gathered from first-party Amazon User Data)
Circle_1@2x-1 87% of Amazon Thursday Night Football viewers self-reported high
interaction and engagement with brands during the game.
(2021 TNF Viewer Study, conducted by Kantar)


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Channel Bakers Takes the Field

Previously, big sporting events like this were the domain of the Big 6 media agencies. Not anymore! The playing field has been leveled. Channel Bakers can add Thursday Night Football to your media plan to connect your upper funnel goals with lower funnel conversion. You can tap into your above the line brand awareness dollars, and we can drive traffic to your own .com. Touchdown.

Football fans are a captive audience fixed on the screen and ripe for upper funnel conversion. About 12.2 million people tune in for Thursday Night Football, and more are bound to join thanks to the ballooning popularity of streaming sports. That’s millions of TNF viewers who may not have seen or even heard of your brand or product. But, with the right messaging and timing, Channel Bakers can position your brand to take advantage of the exposure. 

Consider the ways we can work together to pull your products through the decision journey at every stage. Expose the audience to a direct ad during the game, then again with a DPS display while they browse Amazon’s retail site, and then retarget them AGAIN with a video ad when they flip on Prime Video. There are so many ways Channel Bakers can continue the conversation post TNF match-ups.

We haven’t even touched on streaming TV first-party data! Channel Bakers’ ad specialists are experts at leveraging audience insights and know the power of incremental reach. With information on consumption by device, demographic details, and audience overlap, we’ll know where to put the ad spend and how to position the creative. 


Ready for the Touchdown?

If Thursday Night Football on Prime Video is not part of your media plan, you're missing out. Connect with us, and let’s showcase your brand to football fans across Streaming TV!



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