Why Branding Best Practices Matter

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It’s 2020, and with a new decade guarantees Silicon Valley will have more innovators, entrepreneurs, and business giants immersing consumers with their brand. For any product or service, their branding is just as important as the product itself. What does their product have to say that will make consumers eager to buy? 

When it comes to branding, it’s important to cover all the basics – digital platforms such as social media, web, and email or physical and direct advertising. At Channel Bakers, we believe Amazon is a big component when it comes to solidifying a brand. Our team are experts at how brands navigate through Amazon and set themselves apart from the rest of the online retail world. And with Amazon’s uncontrollable force in the retail industry and online shopping, here are the best brand-building practices online: 

Know Who Your Audience is and What Your Market Needs

At the start of brand development, It is essential to understand your ideal customer and to generate a buyer persona. What are the challenges they face and how can they overcome these challenges with your product or service? Determining your ideal customer is the first step to knowing what your potential customers will purchase. For example, if you wanted to brand new yoga pants for women (on Amazon), who is your market? 

If you’re looking to brand online, your particular market is mainly online shoppers or women who need clothes, gifts, or items fast, within 2 days. These women are most likely in the workforce. For this example, your particular market needs are for yoga pants flexible enough that can be available in her busy schedule. This particular group of women might need a pocket in their yoga pants for their phones, keys, or business card. 

Write down your target audience and brainstorm to properly understand what your market needs. These exercises can get you closer to finding the challenges your market faces every day and then, brand your solution. 

Find Your Authenticity

The worst brand is one that looks the same as everyone else. Consumers, especially online shoppers, are facing all sorts of ads with each search. Stand out from the competition by determining what makes your brand unique. You can reach out to your audience base and survey them through various surveying tools, to better understand what works, and what doesn’t.

Don’t Just Tell Your Story, Sell Your Story

When it comes to storytelling, learning to tell your story in a compelling and effective way is one of the keys to your brand’s success — regardless of what products or services you have, or even what industry you’re in. Maintaining this same story across your sales, marketing, and operational channels allows your company culture to be consistent in the eyes of your end customer. Not only does it build confidence, but it bridges the gap in order to make meaningful connections with your audience and foster brand affinity. This heart and soul method of storytelling helps you stand out from the competition – allowing you to communicate your “why” and highlight what makes your brand unique in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Establish Your Work Culture and Live Your Brand

(Through Your Website, Social Media, and Staff)

Your company should LIVE your brand. Does your website and social media mirror your brand? Making sure your brand is the same throughout your website, social media, and marketing can solidify a cohesive message. 

Anything you share online to your customers will help solidify your brand position – from posts from your staff, live feeds/photos of your office environment and hosted events, to sharing industry best practices – these elements should reflect your company mission and instill a culture that lasts and goes beyond just the workplace. With these in mind, your consumers will understand your brand and most likely, convert, making your brand can become that much stronger. 

Brand-building isn’t easy, but with the right practices your brand can be influential on and offline. With Amazon leading the retail industry, our company specializes in consumerism and algorithms that have set Amazon at the top. Learn more about our company by visiting our website here.

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