Channel Bakers Founded To Provide an Amazing Global Service For Brands

March 27, 2021

Welcome to another episode of Action and Ambition, brought to you by Entrepreneur Magazine. How proficient are you in merchandising, advertising, and marketing? What methods and strategies can you employ to increase your brand presence? It’s precisely why Joshua Kreitzer founded Channel Bakers—to increase sales channels for established brands worldwide! To put it in a catchphrase, we live to #growthedough.



In this episode, the CEO and founder of Channel Bakers gives the listener a tour of how and why he created this full-service, in-house eCommerce and Retail Media agency. 

Working originally with the disruptive seller channel, Joshua coined the term “grow the dough” as he parlayed marketing dollars from large tech brands. Later, after going out on his own, Kreitzer realized that there is a multitude of both physical and digital retail channels and that to string all the ingredients together would need the practiced hands of a chef. Channel Bakers was born in a McDonalds' parking lot (it had free WiFi) after Josh bought the rights to the domain name from GoDaddy.  

The crux of “grow the dough” is not to slice up the retail pie if you will, but to enable brands to grow their own pies and pursue new audiences, avoiding the dreaded sales shift phenomenon. 

Listen to the podcast below as Joshua describes watching his mom’s humble entrepreneurial beginnings in the 80s. Speaking of catchphrases, Joshua’s mom often repeated to him, “Wouldn’t it be great that after you talked to somebody, even if it's for a couple of seconds, they felt better about themselves and their day?” That desire to put smiles on others’ faces combined with his father’s sharp data perspectives into the ethos behind Channel Bakers. 

Now armed with his experience and a vast repertoire, Joshua Kreitzer’s entrepreneurial spirit drove more than $1 billion in actual sales since his company’s launch! Listen to the podcast below and learn how Joshua leveraged his expertise to its full potential. You will love this episode!


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