Channel Bakers forms strategic partnership with Skai.

October 19, 2021

Global advertising and marketing agency Channel Bakers announced it has partnered with Skai, a leading commerce intelligence platform, to expand the agency’s suite of eCommerce solutions.

Channel Bakers prides itself on offering our clients a whole host of eCommerce and retail media solutions and expertise. One of the ways we do that is through our Tech Partners, all of whom share our passion for eCommerce and client service of the highest caliber. From eComEngine to Profitero, each tech partner is invaluable to your brand’s journey to incremental growth, and we’re proud to recommend them as part of a winning retail media, eCommerce, or social strategy. 

As mentioned earlier, the omnichannel marketing platform Skai is our latest tech partner. Skai is the result of Kenshoo’s acquisition and integration of Signals Analytics, a market intelligence platform. This go-to-market engine gives you a bird’s eye view of all your retail channels so you can make informed decisions and strong customer connections. 

Skai is essentially one platform that gives you access to all your digital retail channels. Whether it's Amazon Ads, Walmart Connect, Instacart, Target, Costco, or Best Buy, Skai puts all your campaigns and data in one place so you can leverage insights from any source. Our tech partner’s platform includes a suite of data-driven products that empower our clients to customize the insights that matter to them, use the proper media to connect with their audiences, and track their KPIs’ progress through accurate measuring tools.

The numbers don’t lie—Skai walks the walk and outperforms other leading technologies with:

  • 62% higher ROAS 
  • 16% less CPC
  • 21% less CPA 
  • 5% more conversions1


Our partnership with Skai is one more way we are helping our clients grow the dough. We love Skai, and we’re positive any brand wanting to take it to the next level will too.



1. Percentages relate to Sponsored Brands over the last 5 quarters


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