Democratizing Connected TV Advertising

Prime Video's ad-supported tier, launched on January 29th for US subscribers, represents a strategic inflection point. This isn't just about ads; it's about redefining audience engagement and brand storytelling in streaming. Ditch the declining reach of traditional TV and tap into a pre-qualified, captive audience of millions, seamlessly integrated into Amazon's powerful retail ecosystem.

What does this mean? 

Existing Prime Video viewers automatically see ads unless they upgrade to ad-free for $2.99 per month. For brands, it's an undeniable opportunity: laser-sharp targeting meets frictionless purchase integration, turning browsing into buying within a single click. This isn't just ad space; it's a gateway to a connected ecosystem waiting for your brand's narrative.

The choice for viewers? Ads or ad-free. 

The opportunity for brands? Explosive growth within a captive, engaged audience.




The Potential for Advertisers on Amazon

Prime Video's ad launch targets a massive 163.3 million US viewers in 2024, further accelerating the shift from traditional TV's declining audience since 2012. The growth in ad spend is now being driven by connected TV (CTV), not linear TV, with projections showing a decline in linear ad spend from 2025 and a continual rise in CTV ad spend through 2027.

For brands reevaluating their advertising strategies, especially those transitioning from traditional TV to CTV (not to mention the streaming of live sports), Amazon presents a compelling proposition. The platform's extensive consumer insights and sophisticated targeting tools are reshaping how advertisers can connect with audiences with distinct advertising models: the Preferred Deal, Guaranteed Buy, and Premium Sponsorships.

The Preferred Deal offers an economical entry point at a base CPM of $26, allowing for precise audience targeting through Amazon's vast data. This self-service option represents the most accessible tier, ideal for advertisers seeking cost-effective solutions with the power of Amazon's analytics.

For those seeking deeper engagement, Guaranteed Buy and Premium Sponsorships escalate the offering. These tiers provide more intricate targeting capabilities and exclusive program sponsorships, catering to advertisers aiming for higher visibility and impact at fixed CPMs, ensuring budget predictability away from the uncertainties of auction-based pricing.

This tiered approach, coupled with comprehensive third-party measurement for performance assessment, underscores Amazon's appeal in the digital advertising realm, demonstrating the platform's potential as a powerful advertising medium for reaching diverse consumer segments.

Amazon's ads integration on CTV platforms offers a unique blend of advertising and shopping, enabling direct purchases through interactive ads via smartphones, remote controls, or voice-activated devices. This synergy between advertising and retail simplifies the shopping experience, merging entertainment with the ease of online purchases, and marks a significant step in the evolution of retail media by linking brand discovery directly with sales in a seamless consumer journey.




This represents a significant potential audience, and analysts suggest that by 2025, Amazon may bring in around $2 billion in revenue from the addition of ads on Prime Video alone. This shift creates an opportunity for brands to engage with a massive, captive audience in a highly targeted and data-driven way.

Prime Time for Brands

Amazon's Prime Video ad integration represents a strategic trifecta: balancing content funding, maintaining market share, and diversifying their ad portfolio beyond retail media. By offering ad-free and ad-supported tiers, they demonstrate market agility while eyeing a significant slice of the streaming ad pie, potentially reshaping the landscape.

But mere ad placement isn't enough. Brands need expert navigation to respect the viewing experience and craft impactful narratives. That's where Channel Bakers steps in. Armed with an experienced in-house production team, We're your guide to unlocking the full potential of Prime Video's ad platform, helping you create impactful content and chart your course in this dynamic environment.

Here is one of our latest projects for the HP Ergonomic Vertical Mouse.

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