Channel Bakers to Offer Streaming Advertising Options for Key Sporting Events

August 30, 2022

Channel Bakers to Offer Streaming Advertising

Options for Key Sporting Events 


ANAHEIM CA — August 30, 2022 — Starting today, Channel Bakers will begin offering  advertising opportunities during broadcasts of major sports games and premium events on all major streaming platforms, including branded platforms such as Amazon, ESPN, and Hulu, as well as ‘agnostic’ platforms such as Roku, FireTV and others. 


According to Josh Kreitzer, Founder and CEO of retail media agency Channel Bakers, the combination of signature sports broadcasting and streaming ads provides a powerful new top-of-funnel marketing tactic for brands, sellers and other companies to build awareness for their products and services.


“The power of streaming TV advertising is undeniable, as incorporating this product into a media strategy has resulted in a 90% increase in product purchase rates,” Kreitzer said. “Major sports broadcasts on Amazon Prime allow advertisers to reach a significantly higher percentage of adult Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X audiences compared with typical network broadcasts, as well as those who only watch sports via streaming.”


Channel Bakers is a leading global agency assisting clients with programmatic advertising strategies across all major retail media platforms including Amazon, complemented by award-winning campaign creative production. Businesses can buy video ads whether or not they sell products on these platforms, making it a very powerful tool for sellers of services, as well as regionally targeted and unique niche products. 


The streaming TV opportunities typically provide advertisers the value-added benefits of each platform’s first-party data and reporting metrics to track the performance of the Streaming TV. Insights available to users typically include impressions, unique reach, video completion rate, and in many cases also detail page views, branded searches, and new-to-brand customer data.  


About Channel Bakers
Founded in 2015, Channel Bakers, today is a full-service, global agency with offices on four continents. The agency was founded upon a core tenet to help innovative brands find the right audience at the right time and tell their story to drive sales. Named an Amazon Ads advanced partner, the agency utilizes its decades of experience leveraging insights and analytics to grow revenue within specific retailers and verticals. With this strategy Channel Bakers has leveraged its initial success to become a true omnichannel online retail media and marketing consultancy.  Visit for more information and view its case studies.

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