Channel Bakers Wins Gold Internationalist Award for EMEA Campaign

March 22, 2022

Channel Bakers Wins Gold Internationalist Award 

for EMEA Campaign 


London — March 22, 2022 — Global advertising and marketing agency Channel Bakers has been named a ‘gold award’ winner in the 13th Annual Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions in recognition of its EMEA region campaign created for client ScanMarker. The Internationalist Awards are an acknowledgment of how today's marketing strategies are affected by the media and technology revolution in a Post-Digital Age. According to its website, inspiring case studies are scored for insights, strategy, and results.


“This top award is a great honor for Channel Bakers and demonstrates our teams’ ability to execute world-class strategic solutions for our clients, regardless of market geography,” said CEO/Founder Josh Kreitzer. 


ScanMarker is an Israeli-based manufacturer of an innovative digital highlighter and scanner that is literally the size of a highlighter pen. Defying traditional Amazon search and display categories for highlighters and scanners, the product required an alternative upper-funnel awareness strategy. Channel Bakers’ team crafted an entirely new set of strategies and new go-to-market plan involving the product’s full unique feature set. The combination of strong tech-driven data and thoughtful human insights resulted in significant gains in ScanMarker’s consumer awareness and sales.


 Thanks to the campaigns developed with Channel Bakers EMEA, ScanMarker saw double and triple-digit returns and high sales conversion throughout the European region over late-2020 and into 2021 for its new The ScanMarker “Pop of Color” video campaign. 


“Our ‘Pop of Color’ campaign by Channel Bakers has played a central role in the remarkable growth of our product within the greater European market,” said Lior Regev, COO of ScanMarker.  “Europe has finally discovered us, and the sky is the limit for our future.”


In the UK, ScanMarker more than doubled its total sales, with a large majority of those purchases being new-to-brand. In France, ScanMarker saw even greater increases in conversions, sales, and customer retention over the first half of the previous year. In Italy, those numbers were even higher, with increases topping more than four times over Q1 and Q2 compared with the prior year. 


ScanMarker was so popular in Italy that users on the popular media service TikTok started featuring their products in videos without the benefit of sponsorship, and some even went viral throughout the country, according to Channel Bakers EMEA account leader Jonathan Sepulchre.


Sepulchre added that regions like France and Spain posted triple-digit increases of their own, and a continuing positive metric across the board was the high percentage of new-to-brand purchases within every country. “Europe has finally discovered ScanMarker and the sky was, and is, the limit for their future,” he said.


The Internationalist is a Global Alliance partner of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), which has 30,000+ individual client-side marketer members representing 640 companies with 10,000 brands collectively spending over $250 billion on advertising and marketing. Winning case studies are showcased on the Internationalist awards site:

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