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Hindsight is 2020 (Part 2):, Inc. 2020 Recap

Here are some of the noteworthy changes that happened with Amazon in 2020 that will affect its business moving forward.

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Hindsight is 2020 (Part 1): Amazon Advertising 2020 Recap

We break down some of the most impactful Amazon Advertising changes in 2020, from paid search to the evolving retail media landscape.

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What Is Amazon’s Gameplan with Amazon Pharmacy?

What Is Amazon’s plan with launching Amazon Pharmacy? In this article, we analyse and breakdown the strategy Amazon uses when entering new industries.

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20 Stats to Drive Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing can be extremely beneficial and lucrative for your business. Here’s 20 reasons why video marketing should be on your radar for 2023.

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Your Best Kept Secret for Q4: STEALTH DEALS

The best kept secret for Q4 in your Amazon Digital Playbook. Stealth Deals are a different breed of remarketing, learn more here.

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Enhanced Image Galleries (Why, What, and How)

Utilizing Enhanced Brand Content, you can create more impactful produce pages and increase engagement so that you can ultimately increase conversion.

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Amazon Wasn’t the Only Winner On Prime Day

Who won on prime day? Amazon put out a press release stating that marketplace sellers were the winners this year with 60% growth to reach more than $3.5B.

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Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Amazon Attribution

An essential element for any effective Amazon brand strategy is advertising and pushing your products to be seen by a broader audience. Learn how to do it.

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Jumpstart Your Q4 by Implementing Sponsored Brands Video on Amazon Advertising

Video is becoming more integral to the eCommerce shopping experience and we at Channel Bakers have been leveraging Sponsored Brands Video to great success.

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It’s Official: Prime Day is Coming October 13-14

Hold onto your hats, folks! Prime Day is officially happening on October 13th-14th per Amazon’s website. Learn more about this year's Prime Day event.

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