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Twitch Might Be the Future of Digital Viewing

Digital Video has become the fastest growing digital medium, with an incremental increase of $3.59B in ad spending. Learn more about Twitch.

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How Important Is Prime Day This Year for Non Essential Brands?

This year, Prime Day is going to bring in the largest audience it’s ever had following the trend of sales rising around 40% YOY. Learn more about it.

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Leveraging Sponsored Display Across the Marketing Funnel

Reach new audiences and grow your marketing funnel. Learn how to leverage Sponsored Display on Seller Central to grow your business on Amazon.

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How COVID-19 Has Affected America’s Shopping Behavior

How has COVID-19 affected our shopping behavior? We know that Americans have shifted their shopping behaviors drastically in the past few year.

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Why Branding Best Practices Matter

Silicon Valley will have more innovators, entrepreneurs, and business giants immersing consumers with their brand. Learn why branding is important.

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Amazon Plays Matchmaker with New Find-a-Partner Directory

Amazon recently announced the launch of a directory of advertising agencies that work in eCommerce and growing with Amazon. Learn more here.

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Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads Now Even More Strategic

In a move to help brands promote their products more strategically, Amazon has updated the Sponsored Brands ads console. Learn more about this news.

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